9-Jun-2018Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 1983, Make: Chevrolet, Model: K-10, VIN: 1GCEK14H2DS163636, Seller Notes: This is one of those box body K-10 pickups that everybody seems to be looking for these days. Strong, straight, and solid. They are popular because they are good looking, capable, simple, and tough. This one has had a nice midlife respray and while you can tell that it served its owner well, you can also tell that i...
18-May-2018Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 1990, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Blazer, VIN: 1GKEV18K6LF501581, Seller Notes: Do you have one of those friends that knows how to have a good time no matter where they go or what they're doing? They're athletic. They run and ride and hike and climb, yet they clean up pretty good when it's time to hit town for dinner or to head out for some music and drinks. This truck is a lot like them. Thi...
7-Apr-2018Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 1943, Make: Ford, Model: GPW, VIN: GPW62205, Seller Notes: If you like automotive history, or WWII history, you will find this Ford GPW Jeep interesting. If you are a Ford fan, or just like to have fun, you will find this Ford fun, and interesting. A brief dive into history seems relevant here, with the acknowledgment that many of you looking at this vehicle will probably know far more th...
1-Mar-2018Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 2003, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Silverado, VIN: 2GCEK19N531398593, Seller Notes: Comfortable, great looking, practical and capable. This Silverado SS is a one owner truck that was driven less than 5600 miles a year. It has been well maintained, and well cared for. You could call it a modern classic, or just call it a comfortable daily driver that gets the job done whether that means driving...
20-Jan-2018Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 1986, Make: Toyota, Model: Pickup, VIN: JT4RN63R8G0069986, Seller Notes: As Marty McFly said in Back to the Future, "Check out this 4X4!". Toyota pickup trucks are built tough to begin with. That's why they are so popular for everyday use, and that's why people go out and play with them. This one has been upgraded and built up for some serious playing! The fourth-generation trucks from To...
20-Dec-2017Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 1996, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Silverado, VIN: 1GCEC14R2TZ135931, Seller Notes: Officially past twenty-years and legitimately in classic status, this 1996 Chevrolet Silverado has been given nice investments to welcome it into the new class of vintage trucks. So you have stunning paint, upgraded interior, and plenty of V8 power - all for quite a nice price. You can tell this truck is someth...
27-May-2017Urb Lavergne, PR(15 miles)Cars for Sale
Year: 1960, Make: Chevrolet, Model: El Camino, VIN: 01180L111857, Seller Notes: The El Camino was designed to do everything well, and so this 1960 Chevrolet El Camino has been restored and updated to continue the tradition in modern times. With its fresh two-tone paint, comfy A/C interior, upgraded V8 (with tow package), and so much more, this is far more than just a car show darling. Chevy's f...
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